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Book Review: The Man Who Came Too Much

The Man Who Came Too Much

Author: Ellie Saxx
Genre: Erotica
Published: 2012

Education, my dear reader, is the key to everything. It will lift you up, empower you in your career, and allow you to pursue those mental avenues that leave you feeling intellectually stimulated and challenged. To an extent I think that we’ve all, at some point, either taken part in, or been witness to, the size vs girth argument that has plagued men for years. This fascination and preoccupation with size and girth, however, leaves little room for considering what we as individuals would do if placed in a situation where we were being unexpectedly bukkaked by a single man. With this in mind I bravely read Ellie Saxx’s treatise The Man Who Came Too Much to see if it could shed any light on these previously unexplored avenues of thought.

The Plot

Chet Flood is a man with a unique problem (or talent, depending your personal proclivities): of average length and girth and testicles he himself describes as being the size of small lemons, he is nevertheless able to fill entire mason jars with the semen from a single ejaculation. This confused him as a teenager and later left him with visible bruising at the hands of some blonde female who really did give it the old college try, but sadly just wasn’t quite able to keep up.

As Chet comes to realise that he’s gay he also learns that men are perhaps more open-minded and willing when it comes to what he can offer in the boudoir. But love, while truly a many-splendoured thing, also takes a long time to find. Chet has to wade his way through several lovers (while the lovers wade their way through something else entirely) that treat him as either a fetish or something that will go viral on Pornhub before he meets Rodney, who takes him just as he is.

And the only way to describe the way Rodney takes it is with superhuman capability. I personally don’t know of anyone who would forego the oxygen they need to live (not in a serious way, anyway) for the dick they happen to find themselves on the other end of, but here you have it. I salute you Rodney for your ability to make industrial vacuum cleaners seem underpowered, and wish you and Chet nothing but the best for the future.

The Writing Style

Surprisingly competent.

The whole pamphlet (totalling 19 pages) is written from a first-person perspective, which isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. In this genre it’s also something incredibly rare to see people attempt, let alone master. Given the limitations of her subject matter, Ellie Sax has done a very good job here.

Whilst not necessarily a critique, anyone who reads this looking for a fetish story isn’t going to walk away feeling very satisfied. The Man Who Came Too Much is actually fairly sedate erotica with a slightly saltier ending and those of you in a kinkier mood would do best to look elsewhere.

The Feelings

Sticky and concerned.

Far be it for me to judge any person for what they deem to be sexually attractive or what they like to do/have done to them in the bedroom. That being said, I couldn’t help but feel that someone should give Chet some loving advice. Like go see a doctor. Eat less protein. Stop storing your baby juice in mason jars – that shit isn’t gonna keep. Again, not to judge, but I sure as shit wouldn’t put the milk and cheese in the fridge next to enormous containers of someone’s sperm.

If nothing else at least Chet’s helping the economy out. I can’t begin to imagine what his pineapple budget must be, but some farmers will be able to comfortably set up trust funds for their great-grandchildren if this book is anything to go by.

My Final Rating: 3 / 10
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