Hi there! My name is James, and welcome to my World of Weird.

To get the formalities out the way: I’m 28, I have a Master’s degree in Ancient History, at some undetermined point in the future I want to pursue another degree in Ancient Near Eastern Culture, and before starting this blog I ran The B-Horror Blog for just over three years.

So, why A World of Weird? Not in a pretentious ‘Oh my god I’m so alternative it hurts’ kind of way, but I do consider myself (or perhaps my world view) to be just a little left of norm. Ideally I like to think that half of me is a very responsible, very prudent adult, and the other half is a giggling, bubbly inner child.

A homebody, I enjoy spending my time watching poorly made b-movies, reading as much as I can, playing video games, talking to my cats (although I swear I do keep human company) and dancing around in my kitchen in my underwear to Britney Spears at 2am on a work night. When all else fails, or I feel I need to do something to counteract my heroin-like addiction to pizza, I may decide to go to gym.

I’m a fairly good baker, I can untangle Christmas lights like it’s no one’s business, and I have a bizarre fear of running out of dish sponges. I could die a happy man if my dream of being dog piled on by a herd of squirrels came true (for the purposes of this dream, squirrels will gather in large enough numbers to be considered a herd).

disguised squirrelThat’s really all I can think of for now. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts and let me know what you think. Whether you enjoy my writing or not, thanks for stopping by!

Once you’re done here, do pop on over to Literary Homicide with Tropical Mary. She’s my partner in crime and is willing to read books of a FAR crappier nature than I am.


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