Movie Review: Boogeyman 3

15 Jul

Boogeyman 3

Released: 2008
Genre: Horror
IMDB Rating: 4.9 / 10

As the day wore on I was ready to tackle the final stretch of my impromptu one-man mini-marathon. I went in knowing that this would likely be bad, given that I never trust a third installment of anything. I’ve been burned too many times before. But even my seasoned movie-watching bones weren’t quite ready for the sheer inadequacies that Boogeyman 3 decided it was going to pump out of my TV screen.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, and what Boogeyman 2 brought to this attempt to create a film series Boogeyman 3 undid.

Consuela had really been slacking when it came to the cleaning.

Consuela had really been slacking when it came to the cleaning.

The Plot

Right, to make this work we’re going to have to rewrite history a little bit. Remember the second movie? You may think you do, but you don’t. While you may remember Dr Allen being vehemently opposed to the idea that there was any truth to the boogeyman story, he was actually very much a believer and was extremely worried about what this entity might do to his patients. Following his death he left his journal detailing his research into the boogeyman to his daughter Audrey, who now becomes the creature’s next target.

While seeking asylum at her friend Sarah’s dorm Audrey is killed by the boogeyman. Sarah witnessed the whole thing, but due to her own tenuous grasp on reality (something to do with her mother killing herself) she isn’t entirely sure what to believe and seeks the help of her five college stereotype friends to deal with the trauma of losing a dear friend. I’m not sure what help there’s to be found here since these six could be out-acted by an IKEA shelf, but this is where the movie thought it should take us.

Of course strange things start happening in the dorm following Audrey’s death, not least the “disappearance” of two of Sarah’s other friends. As time goes by Sarah becomes increasingly convinced that the boogeyman is real and, through a set of pseudo-premonitions, realises that the creature plans to massacre everyone that lives in the building. With reality slipping further and further away from her and her friends becoming increasingly convinced that she needs a warm cup of cocoa and a nice straitjacket, Sarah must race against the clock and find a way to defeat the boogeyman before all those that she loves end up pulled through spaces the human body wasn’t designed to squeeze through.

Sweety, the spine doesn't go that way.

Sweety, the spine doesn’t go that way.

The Visuals

Ugh, I hate the style that this film went for.

Much like the first movie Boogeyman 3 tries to go for a J-horror kind of feel, but even more so. The boogeyman is suddenly this bedraggled, long-haired, flashing in-and-out of reality thing that likes to roar a lot (a bit like the creatures in Pulse). My issue is that the creature design and the special effects used to make it appear and disappear just look cheap, so there was nothing about the monster that was scary.

The monster aside there were some cool moments, such as the entire dorm bleeding (very The Shining), which was nicely done and suitably creepy looking. These moments are few and far between, however, and the movie mostly relies on weak jump scares and the usual darkened cupboards with flickering lights. Seriously, can Americans not install lights in their cupboards that work all the time? It’s a concern.

The untold story of when an entire sorority's cycles sync up.

The untold story of when an entire sorority’s cycles sync up.

The Feelings

Bored stiff.

Boogeyman 3 is such an amateurish movie that I wouldn’t know where to begin taking it apart to explain all that was wrong. Between it’s completely generic plot, the nonsensical rewriting of the story from the first two films, its wooden cast and it’s reliance on a film style that had long since run its course, there really isn’t much that can redeem it. Perhaps its only saving grace is that there was some budget so it was at least filmed on a real set and they could afford all the fake blood that they needed.

At the end of the day I guess you just can’t mash together Pulse, The Grudge, The Shining and Urban Legend and have something half-decent come out at the other end. Now we know.

My Final Rating: 3 / 10
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