Movie Review: Boogeyman 2

13 Jul

Boogeyman 2

Released: 2007
Genre: Horror / Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.2 / 10

Round 2, FIGHT!

Armed with a strong cup of coffee and my most comfortable blanket, I boredly stepped into the second installment of this rather tepid franchise. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I am pleased to present you with a rare example of a second film that marginally outdoes the first of its franchise.

The very real danger of being overly sultry.

The very real danger of being overly sultry.

The Plot

Laura and Henry didn’t have the easiest start in this world. Once part of the very typical all American family, all of that was destroyed one night on Laura’s birthday when their parents were brutally murdered in front of them. The assailant was never caught, and because he wore a black hoody that completely obscured his face neither one was able to help put their parents’ killer behind bars. A child’s mind being as mushy as it is, the two have suffered from a crippling fear of the boogeyman ever since.

Now adults, Henry has just come out of a three-month intensive therapy programme to help him overcome his fear before he heads off to San Francisco for a job interview. The prospect of him leaving tips Laura, who hasn’t been quite as successful in conquering her fear, over the edge and she books herself into the same programme in the hopes that it will set her right as well.

The therapy sessions don’t get off to a tremendous start and only go downhill when some members of the group begin dying in ways mysteriously linked to their different phobias (a nyctophobe being murdered in the dark, or a germaphobe drinking industrial cleaner after finding a cockroach in his mouth). Laura, convinced that this is the work of the boogeyman, tries to convince the powers that be that they need to evacuate the hospital, with little success.

The question is, who exactly is behind the murders? In order to shoehorn this movie’s plot into the story from the first it turns out that Dr Allen, the head psychiatrist overseeing the programme, treated Tim Jensen following the events of the first movie. Tim ultimately committed suicide, leaving us to wonder whether the boogeyman really is stalking the halls of the hospital or if Laura’s story of the boogeyman and the memories of Tim’s unsuccessful rehabilitation have pushed Dr Allen murderously over the edge.

Human foie gras? In this economy?

Human foie gras? In this economy?!

The Visuals

Well this took quite a turn.

While Boogeyman tried to be a creepy horror movie, Boogeyman 2 wants to be a stabby-stabby horror movie. This means that there’s gonna be a lot of intestines and bodily fluids flying all over the place.

Surprisingly this change of pace was handled quite well, with the special effects department doing a good job of the rather twisted ways that the film decided to off its characters. There were times that I actually had to look away because some of the killing methods just got under my skin, but since that was what the movie was going for it I guess it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The stylisation of the boogeyman was also much improved on the one from the first movie.

No amount of root canal's going to save that mouth.

No amount of root canal’s going to save that mouth.

The Feelings

Slightly surprised.

Let’s be clear, Boogeyman 2 isn’t entirely to my taste. This went in a completely different direction to the first movie and somehow landed up in Saw territory. I know it has Tobin Bell in it, but damn.

That said, this is a better movie than the first that sets itself a clear end goal and manages to pull it all off as it goes along. Whether or not you ultimately enjoy it comes down to personal taste and if you can deal with a girl bound up with duct tape trying to cut maggots out of her arm using a scalpel. Not really my cup of tea, but this did come out when torture porn was really popular, so I can see why it went the way it did.

My Final Rating: 5 / 10
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