Movie Review: Urotsukidōji III: Return of the Overfiend

10 Sep

Return of the Overfiend

Released: 1993
Genre: Anime / Horror
IMDB Rating: 5.9 / 10

In this crazy world of tolerance, multiculturalism, political correctness, sensitivity, social justice warriors, and otherkin, we are taught that the most important thing in appreciating one another is to recognise what we have in common rather than focusing on the things that make us different. Now, you be wondering what possible commonality could be found in this pile of tentacle rape, robotic rape, tail rape, demon rape and, just to mix things up, normal rape rape. You see, despite the many differences between Western and Japanese culture, we share one common thing that unites all living things on this planet: when it comes to making the third installment of anything, we always screw it up spectacularly.

Put your tit away Palutena!

Put your tit away Palutena!

The Plot

If you’re going to watch this I suggest keeping a notebook close at hand, because there’s a metric shit-ton of plot that you need to keep track of.

Taking place after the events of the previous two OVAs, 20 years have passed since Nagumo turned into a terrifying demon and began his complete destruction of the three realms so that the Overfiend could create them anew. Akemi’s still good and pregnant over in Osaka, but something goes horribly wrong and the Overfiend is born 100 years too early. He senses that, despite Münchhausen II’s failed experiments, the Lord of Chaos has been born in the East (although, given that this takes place in Japan, I’m not sure how much more east you could go). The Overfiend summons Amano to protect him and hunt down the Lord of Chaos.

Meanwhile, over in the East, the terrible ravages of the apocalypse don’t seem to have been all that terrible. Society continues, albeit in a more terrified and constantly sexed-up kind of way. The apocalypse has also given rise to the Demon Beasts, a hybrid of the denizens of the three realms. Even in the apocalypse humans won’t let go of racism as a well-loved pass time, and these creatures are forced to live in near squaller or in forced labour camps run by the notorious tyrant Caesar.

Caesar’s a bit power mad. After discovering some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs under the basement of a Japanese hotel and by hacking into a NASA computer (I’m not kidding) he’s managed to decipher to Overfiend’s prophecy, and wants to thwart its power and rebuild the realms himself. To do this he must defeat the Overfiend, which will require getting the demon Faburil to merge with the baby Lord of Chaos.

A mechanical penis is not a play thing.

A mechanical penis is not a play thing.

Thrown into all of this madness is Caesar’s absolute pride and joy (until he rapes her later on), his daughter Alector. A one-time human and now reanimated robot (meaning that the aforementioned rape isn’t technically incest), Alector yearns to be free from her father’s tyrannical love. She enlists the help of Demon Beast Buju, granting him his freedom from Caesar’s palace in exchange for her roughly-taken virginity. Following a complicated deflowering ritual in a Buddhist shrine they become the Lord of Chaos’ surrogate parents and accidentally reawaken Nagumo, who once again goes on a rampage in an attempt to protect his own little demonic offspring.

In essence, what happens next is:

  • Buju saves the Lord of Chaos from Caesar and Münchhausen II and kind of prevents her assimilation with Faburil but doesn’t.
  • Alector, once again resurrected after being accidentally killed outside the Buddhist temple, escapes her father’s many tentacles.
  • The Demon Beasts launch a revolt against Caesar.
  • The Demon Beasts rape ever female under Caesar’s command.
  • Most of the Demon Beasts are horribly murdered by the Genocydroid D-9, a human with many robot parts whose backstory isn’t really explained.
  • Münchhausen II launches an atomic attack on Osaka.
  • The Overfiend uses a reanimated pile of corpses to have sex with Megumi, somehow giving him the power to attack Münchhausen II and Faburil.
  • The Lord of Chaos doesn’t seem to notice any of this and just cries a lot.
  • Caesar is eventually defeated.
  • Alector forgets that her father brutally assaulted her and launches herself into space with his head clutched to her bosom.
  • Buju, the Lord of Chaos, a few Demon Beasts and the Genocydroid head off to Osaka to have a chat with the Overfiend.

The End. At least until I have to watch the next one.

Still not entirely clear on what the hell this thing is.

Still not entirely clear on what the hell this thing is.

The Visuals

Unlike the previous two, everything was not suitably animated in this one. Some things were beautifully animated, although most of what was being animated wasn’t beautiful (i.e. they put all their effort into the sex scenes). The rest of it looked a bit slapdash if I’m being honest.

This one was also a lot less grotesque and full of horror than the first two, opting instead to replace the horror with sex. Now, there was never a doubt in my mind that what was happening on-screen was incredibly damp and clammy, but if you come here looking for a lot of misshapen demons and gallons upon gallons of blood you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Well I'm so glad someone's enjoying this.

Well I’m so glad someone’s enjoying this.

The Feelings


Don’t get me wrong, the first two installments in this little franchise were absolutely laden with gratuitous and violent sexual scenes, but watching this I realised what made it fundamentally different from its predecessors. In the first two the sex can be divided up roughly like this:

  • Consensual: Humans and humans, or Beasts and virtually anything.
  • Non-consensual: Demons and humans.

I have no moral objection to the first category, and in the second the sexual violence added to the sheer animosity and horror of the denizens of the demon realm, rather than just being there for the sake of it.

Watching the sex scenes in this installment, however, just made me uncomfortable. That’s because it largely forgoes anything horrific and instead throws in scene after scene after scene of sexual degradation. These scenes are too long and do nothing for the story other than to pad it out; the scene with Alector and Caesar was particularly difficult to watch. I’m not a prude and I’m not easily shocked, but even for me there’s a line and Return of the Overfiend took a running head start and leaped clear over it.

My discomfort with the sex scenes aside, the story here is also so convoluted that it’s virtually impossible to keep track of. Characters and events are thrown in without explanation and then thrown back out just as quickly, while the key points from the earlier installments aren’t expanded upon in any great way.

My interest was really piqued with this series, but it’s quickly going to fade if Return of the Overfiend is any indication of where this story’s going.

My Final Rating: 3 / 10
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