Movie Review: Urotsukidōji II: Legend of the Demon Womb

14 Aug

Legend of the Demon Womb

Released: 1991
Genre: Anime / Horror
IMDB Rating: 6 / 10

Fun fact about my personality: if I watch, read or play something and vaguely enjoy the story or my interest is piqued by its mythos, I will not rest until I have seen, read or played everything in that series to satisfy my curiosity. This means, since I did enjoy Legend of the Overfiend in a way that I can’t quite describe without sounding like I may be a danger to the public, that there’s gonna be a whole lotta demon sex going on in my lounge while I wade my way through the not insignificant number of Urotsukidōji OVAs.

Sadly Legend of the Demon Womb did not live up to the blood-gushing heights of its predecessor. It isn’t that it’s bad (although that word must be applied very subjectively when dealing with these movies) and on its own it could stand vag-to-vag with a lot of hentai that’s out there. It’s just that the psychological trauma isn’t quite as blunt with this one as it was in the first one, for reasons that I’ll detail as I go along.

Twitchy lil' fucker...

Twitchy lil’ fucker…

The Plot

Because context is everything, it’s important that we know where Legend of the Demon Womb takes place in the grand scheme of all the damp demon sex that’s going on. Thankfully no one is entirely convinced about where this one slots in, so I took it to be an interquel that happens at some point in the early part of Legend of the Overfiend.

We already know that the mortal realm is made up of humans and the Japanese, but one can easily forget that we share this domain with another nefarious group of creatures: Germans. Back in 1944, in an attempt to regain the edge over his enemies, Hitler hired Dr Münchhausen to build the ultimate weapon: the death rape machine. By strapping several buxom females with nipples so pointy they could cut diamonds to the machine and having it sex them good Dr Münchhausen hopes to summon the Lord of Chaos, the Overfiend’s nemesis. Unfortunately the timing, like the ejaculation of a man who’s been waiting too long, was premature, the women are over-death raped and the machine blows up, taking out half of Berlin with it.

Cut to the present day and Takeaki Kiryu, Tatsuo Nagumo’s cousin, is flying into whatever god-forsaken part of Japan Nagumo lives in to pay his family a visit. Suddenly, and quite without warning, the plane is attacked by demons and their horde of tentacles, and Takeaki is the only survivor of that ill-fated flight that saw his parents melted and absorbed into tentacles before his very eyes.

In a twist of fate that isn’t a twist and has nothing to do with fate Münchhausen II is on the scene. Having witnessed his father’s untimely death in the warm glow of burning buxom ladies, he’s decided that he will be the one to awaken the Lord of Chaos. By transfusing Nagumo’s Overfiend-laden blood into Takeaki he gets the ball rolling on bringing the Lord of Chaos into this realm, with Takeaki as the Lord’s vessel.

This woman's spine was the unsung hero of the story.

This woman’s spine was the unsung hero of the story.

Much like Nagumo during his early transformation, Takeaki isn’t entirely clear on what’s happening when he starts to turn into a malicious hell beast from the darkest realms of Japanese imagination. Thankfully Megumi’s back to help Takeaki out when his sheer manliness catches her attention and causes her vagina to swell with well-lubricated lust. Being a beast her powers will come in very handy as Takeaki learns of his destiny and gradually grows a horn through his eye. Amano’s also floating around, but he’s decided to take it easy in this movie and have sex with a weird nymph thing in a pond of lava instead of trying to collapse the three realms. Points to him though for making her cum so hard that it rips the fabric of space-time apart and reveals visions of the future…

Of course it wouldn’t be a real story without a love triangle, and Takeaki’s not the only one after Megumi’s dripping cave of wonders. Münchhausen II’s gone and recruited Kohōki, a demon that was once banished to hell, to help him awaken the Lord of Chaos. What young Münchhausen didn’t expect, however, was that Kohōki and Megumi had a bit of a thing a few centuries back, and he still carries a bit of a flame for her. So much so that his three penises all want to vie for space in her uterus. Trust me. You get to see it. Internally. And when his penises need a break from all that sexual collaboration, they’ll work separately as Kohōki abducts women to power up a second death rape machine…

As time runs out and even Megumi’s dewy nether lips need a breather, will Takeaki and Nagumo’s familial bond be enough to keep the Overfiend and the Lord of Chaos from wreaking untold destruction on the world and on Japan? Probably not, not with such a well calibrated death rape machine doing all of the summoning.

Ever squirted so hard you became desiccated?

Ever squirted so hard you became desiccated?

The Visuals

I’m still not in any way knowledgeable enough in the various proficiencies of Japanese anime to judge this movie with any confidence, but much like the original everything seemed to be suitably animated.

What was a bit of a let down with this when compared to its predecessor is that it wasn’t quite as visceral or disturbing, either when it came to the gore or to the sex. It’s there and it’s entirely unnatural when it happens, but it does feel like the people who made it needed a bit of a break after Legend of the Overfiend and decided to tone everything down a little.

You've got something in your eye there...

You’ve got something in your eye there…

The Feelings


Half the point of watching this was because I wanted to see a continuation of the sheer visual assault on my senses that happened during Legend of the Overfiend. The other reason was because Tropical Mary and I decided, since the planets had aligned for Women’s Day and the Lord’s Day to fall on the same day, that this would be a suitable way of celebrating both those things.

Granted this installment was only made up of two episodes (‘A Prayer for the Resurrection of the Lord of Chaos’ and ‘Battle at Shinjuku Skyscrapers’), which means it had less time to get its story out, but I just wasn’t wowed like I was by the first. I’m not sure if it’s because I was desensitised by the Legend of the Overfiend, if I’d psyched myself up too much before I watched this, or if it was just a little lacklustre, but nothing about it shocked me. It was very paint by numbers demon hentai, if such a thing can be said. It also doesn’t add anything to the original story or enhance your understanding of the events leading up to the Overfiend’s awakening, and its ending makes its entire story arc moot.

For Legend of the Overfiend I needed to wear a rain coat to get through all of the bodily fluids that were being thrown at the screen, but the same trip can be made through Legend of the Demon Womb with little more than a light parasol. Much like when I lamented the shortness of Voyage to the Milky Way it isn’t that I necessarily wanted it to be more awful or revolting than it was, but I’d girded my loins for a lot of demon sex and human offal, and I just didn’t get my money’s worth with this one.

My Final Rating: 4 / 10
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